Repair parts for carriages:

Automatic coupling СА-З

Piece of apparatus


Coupler key


Centering beam

Pendulum type suspension

Balance lever

Air distributor

Air receiver

Brake cylinder

Bridle for brake cylinder

Control valve

Angle cock

Cantilever girder

Automatic behavior

Automatic regulator

Emergency contracting brake

Transversal brake bar

Inhaling for upright lever

Brake hanger key

Wedge Hanina

Fishplate bolt state standard specification 11630-76completed with fishplate inside screw  state standard specification 11532-76 and fishplate plate state standard specification 19115-91

Insulating fishplate 4 slotslot P-65 and 6 slotslot  state standard specification 8193-73

Lining KB-65 state standard specification 16279-78 of the first chop

Insert nut bolt state standard specification 16018-74

Nut bolt for terminal state standard specification 16016-79

Terminal PK state standard specification 22343-90

Washer with two loop state standard specification 21797-79

New wag cylindrical roller-bearing ТU VNIPP048-1-00:

front 30-232726Е2М
back 30-42726Е2М


Rolling stock:

Manhole gondola car any model and model year

Cisterns for light and dark petroleum products

Box cars model 11-280 or analog

Cisterns for traffic liquified carbonics gases

Cisterns for traffic ammonias, models: 15-1408-1, 15-1408-2, 15-1597, 15-1597-01

Stocks – hoppers for traffic grains, mineral fertilizers, cements  at alias goods.


Produce of petrochemistry:

Road asphalt

Mazut М-100

Boiler and furnace fuels

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