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     Dear colleagues! We welcome you to our website of the company «UKRPROMTRANS-SERVICE».
    Our company is primarily a highly-qualified professionals with extensive experience in the various tasks that are directly related to the optimization process in the railway freight transport, namely, repair, construction, life extension, grouping, and delivery of spare parts for various types of freight wagons .

   The labor collective work under the theme "Achieving more together", that enabled us to win our colleagues deserved respect and honest reputation, both in Ukraine and abroad. We have created the most motivated conditions for cooperation with our partners in the following areas:
    The company's activities are regulated by all the necessary approvals, which is owned by our company or property companies - partners.
    On behalf of all employees of «UKRPROMTRANS-SERVICE» LTD assure you that from our side will make every effort to achieve results in the performance of assigned tasks.  


Limited Liability Company
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